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us by email marketing@smartpcbs.com. You can also call us at Telephone: +92 51 457 8047 Fax: +92 51 457 8048.


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Our experienced engineers will analyze your design and quote you back within hours because we know that customer’s time is very important.


Our Products

We fabricate single

double and multilayer PCB. We currently offer up to 16 layers of multilayer PCB fabrication. Our facility also supports reverse engineering of PCBs.


Quality Assurence

Each and every

step of fabrication process ends with a QC. QC team ensures and maintains quality of fabrication process.


Reverse Engineering


Our Engineers are capable of reversing highly complex PCBs.


Who we are


    Smart PCBs was founded in 2005, is one of the leading fabricators of printed circuit boards in Pakistan, capable of manufacturing single, double, and multilayer PCB’s. The company differentiates itself with other competitors in experienced workforce, superior quality, and advanced equipment.

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